Mission Statement

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The Cabrini Repertory Theater was created to offer a vibrant, multicultural environment in which artists can stage original works in a beautiful proscenium theater. 
Our main goal is to help young playwrights, musicians and visual artists present their work and learn how to put a production on its feet from start to finish. We also make it a personal goal to help Women as well as African Americans writers and directors develop and experiment with their work, encouraging them to push beyond the usual limitations and rules dictated by the industry. Pure art that takes great experimental chances is more than welcome at the Cabrini Repertory Theater 
Our greatest efforts go toward inspiring and supporting playwrights to produce their own works and, if possible, direct them; perhaps, even act in them. Going through the process of producing a play can be very rewarding for writers, who most often hand their scripts over for production. It is our great pleasure to encourage writers to produce their own work, and so we do not rent the theater out. Instead, we co-produce the works of our artists to help each succeed in developing their vision.

“I have worked in a variety of NYC Theaterss and I have never worked with a more accommodating venue than Cabrini Repertory Theater. The team at Cabrini made my cast and crew feel instantaneously comfortable. As artists we were given the support we needed to put on a well polished production. I would highly recommend Cabrini Repertory Theater to artists of all ages.

Madeleine Rose Parsigiam – Director of Cal and Grey


Cabrini Rep was an amazing opportunity for my cast and creative team to showcase our work at the professional level. As young artists, it can be difficult to find affordable space and supportive people to sponsor us as we work towards polishing our aesthetic. The team of the theater was an invaluable resource to us, being warm, friendly and full of good advice as we went through the festival process. As this was my very first time producing a play I feel very lucky to have had the wonderful folks at Cabrini to teach me the ropes. Cabrini Rep has been an incredible experience – bringing together many artists into one collaborative atmosphere. Thank you!

Lily Raabe – Director of Eaten Voices

I had the opportunity to work with Cabrini Repertory Theater last week, and while the venue is beautiful and the neighborhood charming – all of that pales in comparison to the absolute delight it was working with the theater itself.  I have never had a production go so smoothly.  I not only look forward to future productions at the space but I feel compelled to spend time there if only to be a member of the warm and welcoming community you can find at this playhouse by the park.  Any production would be blessed to have the Cabrini Repertory Theater as  their venue, and every audience can feel the magic of this place right in their seats.  Thank you Cabrini, for welcoming me into your home!  

Ryan Murphy – of The Tattered King


A playwright at the beginning of his career is bound to find it difficult to find a place where he can put up a play.  The Cabrini Theater offer a unique venue for newer works to find their legs, and to test themselves in the public arena.  Festivals are essential to making sure Theater remains a vibrant part of society instead of a retread of old stories and ideas.  I therefor sincerely appreciate the hard work and effort that has been put in to keep such an enterprise going.
Thomas Tafero – Playwright of The Tattered King